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LeftJoin for JSON
LeftJoin for JSON

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If you have a nested key in your data which is important for your analysis, and you want to LeftJoin at that key, enter the key name as a string.

Raw JSON Example:


"parent1": {

"computer": "mac",

"children": {

"child1": "max",

"child2": "amy"



"parent 2": {

"computer": "pc",

"children": {

"child1": "frank",

"child2": "betsy"




If LeftJoin key is set to children:

Instead of putting children in their own columns on 1 row belonging to 1 parent, Flatly will repeat the parents data and list each child on his or her own row.

CSV File:

parent1, mac, max

parent1, mac, amy

parent2, pc, frank

parent2, pc, betsy

This is useful for analyzing nested data, which may be more important than parent data.

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