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Flatly will wait up to 60 seconds for an integration's API to respond to Flatly's request.

If the integration's API does not respond within 60 seconds Flatly will declare a Timeout error, wait a few seconds and then try the request again.

Flatly will retry up to 5 times after experiencing a Timeout error.

Most APIs respond within 1 second of a request. If an API does not respond within 60 seconds it means something is probably wrong in the API managed by that company.

Common causes:

  • That company is conducting maintenance or upgrades (often on weekends).

  • That company is experiencing a temporary outage, even if small-scale or brief.

  • That company is rate limiting in an unconventional way by not providing a 429 Status.

Solution: Wait 6-24 hours and try again. Also consider reducing the Job Frequency.

Your job will be tried again at the next scheduled time, albeit with an incremented Failure counter that will be cleared upon the next first successful job run.

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