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The Flecto Market was designed to be a touchpoint with the product experts - the rental businesses’ owners. Your journey at Flecto Market should be as simple as:

  • Search for the item you want;

  • Check the price and description;

  • Contact the rental business to ask your questions about the product, prices, pick-up and return, and so on;

  • Follow the rental business instructions regarding payment, collection, usage, and return details.

Professional owners have all the expertise about the products and they are the right people to answer your questions on the product characteristics and capabilities, accessories included, and so on.

When contacting a rental business, try to give them all the relevant information for the rentals:

  • Pick up and return date - if you have any restrictions on that, please let them know;

  • Pick up and return location - if you need delivery, make sure if it is possible to include it and confirm the delivery rates;

  • Additional services or accessories - if you need any complementary accessory, an operator, or any other additional service, don’t forget to mention it.

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