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To add your inventory, just select “Add Item” in the menu “Inventory”.

Each item's information is divided into Description and Price. To complete the Description you have to fill in Title, Description, Category & sub-category, Select an address, and also upload Images (from your computer or from a link). The location to be selected should be created beforehand, as explained here.

In the “Price” area, it is possible to define several price ranges, according to the rental duration. In this example, renting the article for one day would cost €10 (VAT included) and, for 5 days would cost €8 per day (VAT included). When registering the booking, these price intervals will be considered to calculate the total amount of the rental. For instance, for a 7-day rental, the platform will consider €8 as the price per day.

To finish, just click “Save” and your article is now ready!

Don’t forget that Flecto’s team is entirely dedicated to making businesses thrive in the circular economy. When importing your products, you can count on our support team to help you in this simple process: you only need to fill out a file with all the information about each one of your rental items. Our team is also available to support you in the image collection process.

Flecto will unlock your rental business: the easiest way to access new customers and a greener future.

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