We have designed a software that is personalized with the images, logos and colours to each studio/center of our customers. From the moment we deliver your software, you can at all times make any changes to the appearance by modifying the images, logo and colour, but you can't change the theme from dark to light. If you wish to modify the theme from dark to light you must contact our team, please click here to get our contact information.

The images and logos:

To modify your logo and/ or your images, the modification will be done at the same place. However, you must respect the pixels mentioned for the images. You will have a better resolution and dimension of your images if the dimensions aren't respected your image won't fit.

To edit your images or logos :

To make the change you must:

  1. Delete the desired photo(s)
  2. Save
  3. Select "Choose files" on the deleted image or logo you want to replace.
  4. Insert the image .Jpg or .Png that has the same requirements that are mentioned for the image or logo.
  5. Save

The colour of your software:

You can change the colour of your buttons and the background logo of the login screen. If you know the number of your colour that you desire for your center/ studio you can insert it next to the "#".

You can also ask your web designer for the colour number of your logo if you do not know it, to get the exact colour of your logo.

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