You want to make a sale via the Make a payment tab and you have no apparent product in the drop-down list?

Here’s an idea why:

At the time you created your store and meta-products, then you have to create the by-products, the by-products may have the same name as the meta-product if you never have a difference between the items. These are the by-products that will appear in your drop-down list.

  1. Under the general menu > Shop tab > Create your product categories
    For example: Linen, Supplement
  2. Then create your Meta-products that are related to the category
    For example: Sweater, Protein
  3. Finish with the creation of your By-products in the bottom of the menu of your Meta-product you will see a Add field.
    For example: Red, Chocolate

For more information about the Online Shop, take the time to look at this article that demonstrates how to make the complete creation of your shop.
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