Do you already use technology in your classroom you're wondering how to integrate Flipd simultaneously? Breaks allow students to use their phones during a time that you have specified, giving them the opportunity to use other tools. By taking a break you can pause the live Flipd session so that students can use their phones to search for something, use another app for polling or calculating, for example, or simply take a break and check their phones.

The purpose of a Flipd Break is to give students a specific window to do something else with their devices and then return to Flipd when the break is done. This reduces off-task distractions and helps students remain focused when additional technology is involved in class. 

How Breaks Work: For Educators

When a current class is active, on the Flipd dashboard you'll see a black box in the right corner of your screen (like below). This box indicates the current active class where you'll see the class name, its details, and the option to Start Break.

When you start a break, it will begin tracking that your Flipd session is in a break at that time. That means that students who leave Flipd during the break will not be penalized for their Flipd session as long as they return to Flipd during the permitted break time. To end the break when you decide it's over, you'll need to tap Resume Class.

In your Student Data within the class, specified breaks that were taken are indicated by a yellow line. Sessions where students left Flipd during a time that wasn't a specified break will be indicated by a grey line, which shows they were not Flipd Off during class time.

How Breaks Work — For Students

To take a Break from Flipd during class, first be sure that your teacher has indicated that it's time to take a break. If you decide to take a break or leave Flipd when your teacher has not specified to do so, it may count against your Flipd session.

During a specified Break, you can leave Flipd and use another app or check your device freely. When you tap Break, you'll be reminded to come back to Flipd after five, ten, and fifteen minutes. 

When your break is done, you'll need to open Flipd again for your class session to continue; if you don't, it will appear that you remained On Break which could count against your total progress for that session. Once you open Flipd, your break will automatically end.

If you never left Flipd, you just have to tap Resume

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