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What comes with the Flipd subscription?
What comes with the Flipd subscription?

Here are the features available in a Flipd Premium subscription

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About Flipd

Flipd is made by a small team of 6 people, based in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been building Flipd for over 5 years, and we often spend days, weeks, and even months researching new features, testing them with real users, and building them into the product you see today!

But we wouldn’t be able to do all this without our subscribers. A subscription to Flipd means that you support what we’re building, and it also means you get access to:

  • Productivity session lengths up to 24 hours long

  • Unlimited breaks per session

  • Advanced pomodoro settings

  • Ability to edit your daily goal

  • View your stats history beyond 30 days

  • Entire music & sound library

  • Edit & rearrange your shortcuts

If you want access to these features, and you enjoy what we’re building at Flipd, then we hope you become a subscriber.

Pricing: $5.99/month or $42.99/year

Pricing and promotional offers may vary in your region or app store. Refer to the latest version of Flipd to get the most up to date pricing. Subscribe through the app & cancel any time.

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