1. First, check that you have the latest app version installed on your device by visiting your app store and select "update" if there is a new update available. 

We frequently update the app to fix even the tiniest bug, so updating to the latest version could solve the problem you're experiencing. 

2. If you have the latest version installed, try swiping Flipd closed from running apps and then reopen it. 

This is a common practice for any app that's experiencing a bug or weird error. 

3. If neither of the above resolves the problem, please send us a chat message with screenshots and detailed information about the bug(s) you’re experiencing.

We’ll do our best to investigate and tackle any issues as quickly as we can — the more details the better!.

*If you have a concern about the iOS Full Lock, refer here: My apps have not returned. What do I do?

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