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What to do if the app isn't working for you.
What to do if the app isn't working for you.

If the app is being buggy or glitching, here's what you should do.

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1. Check that you have the latest app version installed on your device.

Open your your app store, search for Flipd, and select 'Update' if there is a new update available. We frequently update the app to fix bugs and improve usability, so updating Flipd the latest version could solve the problem you're experiencing. 

2. Try swiping Flipd closed from running apps and then reopen it. 

This is a good step to take for any app that's experiencing a bug or unusual error. If you notice Flipd is acting strange, swipe it closed from running then reopen it.

3. Try reinstalling the app.

Sometimes the app needs to be hard-refreshed by uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version. You may also need to log back into your account.

4. If none of the above resolves the problem, contact support.

Connect with us using the chat bubble on this page or at Include any screenshots, screen records, and detailed information that will help us understand the problem. We’ll do our best to investigate and resolve as quickly as we can — the more details you provide, the better!

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