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How to stay focused and curb phone habits using Flipd

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*iOS users: If you're looking to hide apps from your phone for a length of time, then try our other app, Focus Lock on the App Store.

Flipd is a powerful app that can help motivate you to curb phone habits, limit distractions, and become more productive! It's a time tracking & social productivity app all in one.

Here's how Flipd works:

  1. Let's say you'd like to study for 40 minutes, so you start a 40-minute stopwatch timer using the tag #study. As soon as you begin, the Flipd timer will start counting your #study minutes.

  2. If you leave Flipd during the active session to check your phone or open another app, you'll receive a warning notification asking you to return to Flipd or the timer will end. If you'd like to use other apps while you focus, you can turn on multitask mode.

  3. If you exit Flipd without multitask mode enabled, the timer will end. Your progress for the current session will still be saved.

  4. Whenever you like, you can start a break, which Flipd will track, during an active session. Or you can pause your timer too.

  5. At the end of the session, you'll get a summary of your progress. You can also review the session on your calendar.

Flipd also includes thoughtfully designed features that support & motivate your productivity journey, like a community leaderboard, lofi background music, and milestone achievements.

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