Flipd is a powerful tool that can help you curb phone habits, limit distractions, reduce procrastination, and become more productive! It's a productivity tracker, digital wellness, and community app all in one.

1. Here's how Flipd works:

  • For example, you'd like to study for 40 minutes, so you start a Flipd > Study session. As soon as you begin, the Flipd timer will start counting.
  • If you leave Flipd during the active session to check your phone or open another app, you'll receive a warning notification asking you to return to Flipd.
  • If you don't return to Flipd, the timer will expire, but your progress for the current session will still be counted toward your total stats for that day.
  • Instead of exiting Flipd, you can take a 'break' whenever you want to leave the app. Your timer will track your break minutes too, and it will also remind you to return to your work.
  • Flipd also includes thoughtful features to support & motivate you, like a community leaderboard, lofi background music, and milestone achievements.

2. How to set up a custom timer

Flipd also lets you set up a custom timer for a specific length of time and create tags for a variety of activities. Here's how:

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*iOS Note: If you're looking to hide apps from your phone for a length of time, then try our other app, Focus Lock on the App Store.

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