Full Lock mode and Mindful Moments are like different "levels" of focus, depending on what you're looking for. 💡

Mindful Moments

This feature is the ultimate test of your self-control. If you Flip Off for 30 minutes in a Mindful Moment, the Flipd timer will begin counting. If you leave Flipd during the countdown for any reason, you'll receive a warning notification asking you to return to Flipd. If you don't return to Flipd, the timer will expire, and you'll lose your progress for the session, appearing in your Flipd Stats as incomplete.

This feature is great if you need motivation to stay off of your phone, want to improve bad habits, or you enjoy tracking your mindful moments.

Full Lock Mode

If you Flip Off with Full Lock, all of your downloaded apps will disappear and pesky notifications will be disabled. That's right — Instagram, Facebook, and other time-sucking distractions are gone for just a little bit. This feature is awesome if you need a break from social media (which we all do) or need to crush some serious focused work. 💪

Just don't panic — it’s not as scary as it sounds! After the time is done, your apps will reappear and you can access them as usual.*

How to Install Full Lock:

  1. Open Flipd > Settings > Get Full Lock Permissions
  2. Tap Allow when prompted
  3. Tap Install on next screen
  4. Tap Trust when prompted
  5. The MDM Flipd Profile will appear as installed
  6. Open Flipd and begin a Full Lock session*

*A good internet connection and in-app permissions are required to use the Full Lock. When your apps return, they're placed in alphabetical order, rather than their original place and notifications will remain disabled for all of your apps. These are Apple OS limitation and we unfortunately cannot prevent this from happening at this time. If you'd like to keep your apps in order, install the Flipd Organize add-on

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