By request from our customers, the following document is a template that you may copy, edit, and add into your syllabus as needed:

This is only a template, so please use at your discretion and modify accordingly. Flipd is not responsible for the ways in which this syllabus template is used. 

In your syllabus, we recommend including the following information:

  1. Class code: 5-digit Flipd class code for easy reference
  2. Installation instructions: Links to find Flipd on iOS/Android app stores
  3. 10% discount for students: Students can save 10% off the regular subscription price by purchasing Flipd here with the code SAVE10. Please share this information with your students and in your syllabus to save them 10%.
  4. Support info: Include this link to our help centre with FAQ and a support chat
  5. Your expectations: If you’re using Flipd for extra credit or other incentives, clearly state it in your syllabus

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