There are a few reasons why this may have happened: 

  • You don't have the latest version installed. Update the app or enable auto-updates for Flipd so you always have the most up-to-date version.
  • You exited Flipd during a live session. This could include pulling down the notification bar, checking a push a notification, or leaving Flipd at some point during the lock screen and not returning right away. The best practice is to Flip Off and set your phone aside to get 100%. 
  • You may have had a poor wifi connection when you Flipd Off your phone and the total time tracked hasn't loaded yet. Try reopening the app after you’ve left class when you have a stronger connection for your data to be synced up.
  • You changed your phone's time zone or manually adjusted your phone’s time. Doing this will negatively affect your time recorded so avoid tampering with your phone’s date/time while using Flipd.

Still concerned? Chat with us in Flipd or using the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of this screen. For the speediest replies, send a detailed message with your full name, class code, email address linked to the Flipd account, and any relevant screenshots and details about what happened.

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