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How do you use the whitelist? (Android only)
How do you use the whitelist? (Android only)

Find out how to access a list of default apps that you can use during Full Lock

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The whitelist is a list of apps that you can access in Focus Lock mode.

For example, you can use Focus Lock mode to lock all of your apps, but still access a variety of apps that you may need to use. With a premium subscription, you may edit your whitelist to include any app you want. Without a subscription, a list of default apps to choose from can be enabled.

How to access the whitelist:

  • Open Flipd and scroll down on the page to FOCUS LOCK

  • Check the box next to 'Turn on whitelist?'

  • Select EDIT WHITELIST and begin checking the apps you'd like to access (premium subscription required). Tap SAVE.

  • Begin your Focus Lock session.

  • During an active Focus Lock session, tap on the 'whitelist' icon to use any app from your whitelist.

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