At Flipd, we are transparent about the information that we collect and how it's used. 

  • The only Personally Identifying Information that Flipd obtains from students is their first and last name, school email address, and the class in which they are using Flipd. 
  • The only PII that Flipd obtains from instructors is their first and last name, email address, their organization or school name and location, the title of their class(es), and the day(s) and time(s) each class occurs.

FERPA Compliance

All requirements regarding data use, access, and termination set by FERPA are met. None of the PII is shared with any third parties and is not used in anything not directly related to the service offered to the students and faculty using Flipd. Non-identifiable aggregate data will be kept and may be used in marketing or for other purposes.

For more information about our privacy policy and terms of use, visit this link.

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