We strongly recommend that you do not try to troubleshoot for your students. 

From working with students and educators for over 3 years, we've learned that students are most likely going to go to you for help first. While that's great, it often creates a barrier between students and support and they'll continue going back to you if they have more questions. That's why we strongly recommend that you resist trying to help them, and instead point them in the direction of our support team. 

To contact support, students should:

The sooner we hear from them, the faster we can help. Students should also include the following information when they contact support:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address on the Flipd account
  3. Any relevant details and screenshots that can help us diagnose the problem

Our team usually responds to all messages within 1 business day or less. The more details we have about the support inquiry (such as account details, specific errors, and screenshots) will help us respond and resolve the issue faster. 

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