Our Refund Policy

1. Refunds For Instructors

Flipd Inc. may provide refunds for individual purchases made directly by you for a period of 14 days subsequent to initial purchase. Upon granting of a refund, Your access to the Flipd Inc. Services will be immediately terminated. Refunds may be available in limited circumstances in respect of Licensed Content.

Additional notes:

1.1) We can only refund individual purchases made directly to Flipd Inc. via PayPal or Stripe. We are not responsible for refunding in-app purchases made to Apple and Google.

1.2) We may only accept refunds requested within the time period stated on your original invoice.

1.3) We may only accept refunds on purchases that did not include a discount.

1.4) Once your refund request has been submitted, it may take up to 1-2 weeks to be reviewed and processed.

Please send a refund request to info@flipdapp.co with the following details:

  • Name of class and code
  • Transaction/invoice number
  • Email on account
  • Reason for refund

2. Refunds for Students: In-App Purchases

In-app purchase refunds are processed by Apple and Google and cannot be guaranteed. Refund requests submitted in the following ways are reviewed on a case by case basis by Apple and Google. Should you require a refund, please review the following:

2.1) For iOS devices: Refund requests for in-app purchases that have been made directly to the App Store must be sent to Apple. Flipd Inc. is not responsible for providing refunds on in-app purchases made through the App Store, and refunds provided from Apple cannot be guaranteed by Flipd Inc. The official App Store and iTunes Store policy is that all sales are final, though there are a few exceptions to this rule. You may get a refund if the app does not work as described, if you did not mean to make your purchase, or if you are charged but do not receive the item or if the app is not compatible with your device. Steps to request a refund from Apple can be found at this link.

2.2) For Android devices: Send an email to info@flipdapp.co with a reason for your refund request, your name, the email address on the Flipd account, and your order number, which can be found on your Google Play receipt. A refund may only be provided with the order number and may only be provided within 2 weeks from the date of purchase. Refunds will be reviewed by Flipd Inc. on a case by case basis and it is not guaranteed that a refund will be issued.

2.3) All refunds: Receiving a refund will automatically revoke all licenses and/or content initially purchased but it will not delete your account. Should you ever need to use Flipd again, simply login to your account on the mobile app and sign in with your existing Flipd credentials.

3. Refunds for Students: Online Purchases

Any Flipd purchase made online, either through Stripe or Paypal, may qualify for a refund as long as it is requested within 2 weeks from the date of purchase. If you made your purchase online and would like to request a refund, please send a refund request to info@flipdapp.co with the following details:

  • Name of class and code
  • Receipt number
  • Email on account
  • Reason for refund

Additional Support

If you have any questions about this process or require further assistance, our support team is happy to help. You can contact us directly by email or through our support chat on our website and app.

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