Here are some reasons why your login may not be working:

  1. You entered an invalid email address. If you entered a correct email address but still notice an error message, go back to the login home screen and try logging in another way.
  2. You entered your email address on your phone but followed the login link from a different device. Make sure to follow the login link from the same device you're trying to login to.
  3. Your Chrome browser won't open the login link. Try opening the verification email from Safari instead, and you'll be redirected to the app when you click on the link.
  4. You opened the login link from a laptop. The login link is meant to be opened on your phone only.
  5. You tapped on a previous login link sent to your inbox. You must tap the most recent login link that you received.
  6. The login link has expired. All login links expire after 2 hours. If yours has expired, resend and try again.
  7. You didn't receive the login email. Sometimes our emails land in another folder or get completely blocked by your email server. If you're not receiving our emails at all, go back to the login home screen and try logging in another way.
  8. Your wifi network is blocking our server. Disconnect from wifi and connect to mobile data, then try logging in again. 

If you've tried resolving all of the above and continue having trouble, try logging in another way, or contact support with the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of this screen.

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