The Flipd Schedule will notify you that it's time to Flip Off your phone. You can customize your schedule depending on your level (free or premium):

  • Flipd Free: Create 1 custom reminder to Flip Off which you can set to any time of day, recurring daily.
  • Flipd Premium: Create a schedule of unlimited reminders set to any time of day, recurring any day of the week.

How Schedules Work

The Flipd Schedule allows you to create reminders to Flip Off your phone. You must select the days of the week and time of day that you would like to receive a notification from Flipd reminding you to Flip Off your phone. When you receive a reminder from your Schedule, it will ask you if you’d like to Flip Off at that moment for the scheduled duration — but it does not turn on automatically. When you select “Yes, I’m ready!”, your timed session will begin, but if it’s not a good time, then dismiss the notification.

Why am I not getting my scheduled reminder notifications? 

You may not have enabled Flipd notifications. To troubleshoot, open your device Settings > Apps > Flipd and then enable push notifications.

Why is my schedule not turning on automatically?

This is not currently a feature of the Flipd Schedule.

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