You may have noticed that Flipd disappears along with the Full Lock feature, so now you're wondering when you'll get everything back!? 😨

Don't panic — your apps will return at the end of the time you originally selected (eg., 1 hour to study). If you allowed Flipd to sync with your iOS calendar, you can also see the duration of your Full Lock session and when your apps are scheduled to return. 

Calendar not syncing up? Open your iOS Settings, scroll to Flipd, and toggle the Calendar option. The next time you use the Flipd Full Lock you'll see the session in your calendar.

My Apps Haven't Returned

If you notice your apps haven't returned when they were scheduled to, please make sure that you're connected to the internet or uninstall the Flipd MDM Profile from your iPhone's General Settings (iOS Settings > General > Device Management > Remove Flipd Profile).

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