How It Works

  • At the beginning of class, students must Flip Off their phones in order to Check In with their attendance on the Flipd app. 
  • Once they have Flipd Off their device for class, students can check in with a unique Attendance Code that they must submit through the Flipd lock screen.
  • Users can't leave Flipd in order to check in, ensuring that students will not be using their phones to find the attendance code or texting their friends to get it.

1. Creating/Editing Attendance Codes 

  • Within each Class on your Flipd Dashboard, there is a section called Live Sessions. Here you can add and edit your attendance codes as you wish.
  • Depending on the category of course you're teaching (eg. Psychology) there may already be default codes in place. You can use those codes, or change them to anything you like.
  • You can edit existing future codes by typing into the text field where the pre-populated codes already are.
  • If you change any codes, be sure to click Save Changes before exiting.

2. Importing Codes from Another Class

If you already created attendance codes in Class A, you can import them over to Class B. Here's how:

  1. Create Class B first, then go to Live Sessions and select Import Attendance Codes
  2. Select Class A as the source to import
  3. Import over to Class B, and confirm
  4. Your new attendance codes will be saved to Class B

3. Using Your Attendance Codes in Class

  • Students will need to know the correct attendance code in order to Check In successfully. 
  • Instead of writing a code on the board or posting it in your lecture slides, we recommend using this opportunity to challenge students with a question that gets them to review their notes or to have read this lesson's chapter.
  • Students can collaborate as class in order to figure out what the attendance code of the day could be, making it a great way to encourage active participation during the lecture.

*Open the blue chat icon on the bottom right of this screen or contact our support team if you're having trouble with attendance.

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