1. Download Flipd and Login

  1. Download Flipd like you would any app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Once installed, open Flipd and login by selecting CLASS
  3. You may login with Facebook or Google credentials, or enter your email address* and full name. *If you login by your email address, follow the verification link sent to your inbox to login.
  4. Once you're signed into the app, select JOIN NOW to find your class.
  5. Continue by entering your 5-digit class code.
  6. If you need to buy class access, visit www.myflipd.com, confirm your account details, and follow the steps to complete your purchase.

*If you have trouble logging in, go back to the login method screen and try a different option.  If you continue having trouble, read this FAQ article.

2. Buying a Flipd subscription


  • If you're required to buy Flipd for class, please complete your purchase securely online at myflipd.com. This allows you to enter a coupon code and keeps you eligible for a refund up to 2 weeks after purchase.
  • To begin, make sure that you have created and signed into an active Flipd app account. (Refer to step #1 above)
  • If you get stuck along the way, use the chat icon in the bottom right corner to talk to support.

NOTE: If you do not buy your subscription online, you may buy Flipd through Apple or Google Pay inside the app. You will not be able to enter a coupon code at checkout by purchasing through the app. Online purchases are fully refundable within 2 weeks from purchase, whereas Apple and/or Google purchases are non-refundable.


Remember: coupons cannot be applied on purchases through the app. If you'd rather complete your purchase through Apple or Google, you can pay for your Flipd subscription directly through the app. Here's how:

  1. Create a Flipd account
  2. Open the app
  3. Go to your Account Settings, the last tab on the right
  4. Select Join a Class
  5. Enter your 5-digit class code and tap JOIN
  6. Select a payment plan option
  7. Confirm your Apple or Google payment details to complete your purchase

3. Joining a class

  1. From your active Flipd account, navigate to the Community screen. 
  2. Tap the search bar where it says Search name or enter code 
  3. Type the 5-digit class code provided by your professor into the search bar. 
  4. When you see your class listed, tap it to join. 
  5. Once joined, you'll see a pop-up that says you've successfully joined the class.

*Joining a class requires WiFi or good network connection and can take a second to successfully load if the connection is weak. 

4. How to Flip Off for class

  1. When it's time for class, open Flipd. Within 5 minutes before class begins Flipd will prompt you with a message to join your class. 
  2. Tap JOIN THE CLASS to start your session. 
  3. If you have an attendance code, enter it by tapping on ATTENDANCE.
  4. Close your screen and set your phone aside for the duration of the lecture. Flipd will count all of your minutes toward your total score.
  5. After class ends, you'll see a message summarizing your results. If you entered an attendance code, you'll see it here too. 
  6. If something's not right, take a screenshot, and tap GET HELP WITH THIS to contact support. 

5. How to stay Flipd Off for Class

  • It's easy to get points for using Flipd during class. Simply Flip Off your phone, close your screen, and set it aside until your class is over. Every time that you try to use your phone during an active session, you're at risk of losing points.
  • If you choose to exit Flipd during a live session — whether on purpose or unintentionally — you'll have 10 seconds to go back or you can quickly re-join the session by tapping JOIN on the in-app alert. 
  • Here's what you'll see if you try to exit Flipd during class:

Tips & Best Practices

  • We always recommend that you Flip Off your phone and set it aside until class is over. Each time you open your screen, check your notifications, or leave Flipd during the lesson, you run the risk of ending the Flipd session.
  • Get into the habit of starting your session on time. You'd be surprised how losing a few minutes of progress every class could effect your points at the end of the semester.
  • Use Flipd outside of class too. Over 1 million students around the world use Flipd for distraction-free focus in lots of situations. The more you use Flipd both in and outside of class, the more focused and productive you'll be.
  • Contact support for help. Don't bother your instructor with technical support issues or questions. It's much faster and way more effective to get in touch with our support team right away. When you do, make sure to send us screenshots of anything that will help us identify the problem quickly for you.
  • Find the chat icon on the bottom right corner of this article, or find other ways to connect with us in the app:

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