That's a great question. It's one we get all of the time, and it's not surprising considering most us of us can't live without our phones. 😅

WE GET IT — choosing to go an hour or two without your beloved little supercomputer takes a few deep breaths and a lot of trust. 

But there's really no need to be afraid — you can trust us. In a Mindful Moment, Flipd only measures how much time you're able to stay Flipd Off, and the lock screen simply disappears if you decide to opt out by answering a text, opening a notification, or leaving Flipd for whatever reason. 

The Full Lock mode takes a little more good faith in us, because Flipd hides your downloaded apps for a time that you choose. We promise they'll return at the end of the session, just as long as you have a good internet connection

When trust pays off 👇

What in the what is an MDM Profile? 🤔

Apple's Mobile Device Management feature sounds a lot more intense than it actually is. With the Flipd MDM Profile, we're harnessing Apple's existing technology to hide all of your downloaded apps on a schedule, and then to return them after a certain period of time. That's about it — the MDM Profile does not let us see or control anything on your phone, ever. And if you don't want to install the MDM Profile, you can still use Flipd without it.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Flipd safe?
  2. What is the Full Lock Permissions asking me to download?
  3. I keep getting an error that there's a problem with my MDM Profile or Permissions.

What else you should know

Flipd won't drain your battery, it doesn't track what you do on your phone (unlike a multitude of time-tracking apps), and it doesn't sit in the background while you're doing something else. We also stand by our privacy policy, and we never share your data with third parties. 

I'm sold! 👌

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