How do groups work?

Find out how to join a group and challenge your friends to be productive.

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Flipd groups are a great way to stay motivated and productive with others. Groups can be used for global communities of thousands, or even just your close friends. With a Flipd group, you can:

  • compete on a leaderboard

  • schedule live study events

  • react on message boards, and more!

Here's what it's all about:

More on how the leaderboard works:

1. Once you're part of a leaderboard, it tracks all of your time spent using Flipd.

For example, if you spend 1 hour 'studying' with Flipd, and then 30 minutes 'reading', your leaderboard show that you've achieved 90 minutes total. You cannot omit certain activities from being included in the leaderboard stats.

2. You're ranked based on total time this week, this month, and all time.

The ranking system shows where you stand in the current week, the current month, and all time. The week resets on Sundays at 12 am UTC and the month resets on the first of every month at 12 am UTC.

3. All leaderboards are part of public groups.

Anyone can search your leaderboard & join it. You can also join a leaderboard through a unique group code.

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