Let's be honest: disconnecting from your phone for a few hours can lead to some serious FOMO. So wouldn't it be nice to know you're not alone when you do it?

Enter the Flipd Leaderboard: a great way to stay motivated around spending time away from your phone and to compete against others while you do. The Leaderboard tracks all of the time you and other members spend Flipd Off, which means it measures the time you spend using Flipd during class, but also the times you use Flipd to study, sleep, read, or to just be present in life.

How it Works

  • The Leaderboard tracks all of your time spent using Flipd. For example, if you spend 1 hour of class time using Flipd, and then spent another hour Flipd Off to write a paper, your Leaderboard will rank you against your classmates who've also reached or exceeded 2 hours. 
  • The more time you spend Flipd Off, the higher up the Leaderboard you'll climb.  
  • The Leaderboard only tracks the time you've achieved for the class when the course is still running. This means that a course from Sept 4 - Dec 3 will only rank your Flipd minutes during that time period. 

Where to find the Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is inside each class. Tap on your class and then tap 🏆 icon to see your progress. Your name will be bolded wherever you happen to be on the Leaderboard. 

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