Many of you in the Flipd Community have asked about using Flipd with others. Now, with Groups, you can create your own group and invite your friends to join it. 🙌

What can you do with a Group?

In your personalized group, you can challenge each other in a shared Leaderboard where you can keep track of your Flipd progress together and you'll receive reminders from your group when it's time to Flip Off. 

How do Groups work? 

  1. Create your group: You can create multiple groups and set up a reminder when your group members will be sent a notification reminder to Flip Off. 
  2. Join your group: You'll be automatically joined into your new group and you'll see a 5-digit code associated to it to share with others.
  3. Invite your friends to join: Share your 5-digit code with your friends so that they can join your Flipd group. 
  4. Flip Off: This is the best part — you and your group members will be reminded to Flip Off at the same time every day. 

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? We're happy to hear all of it — talk to Alanna on the chat! 

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