*Due to changes to Apple's latest update, Flipd Organize only supports devices operating less than iOS 13.

If you've used the Full Lock without the Flipd Organize add-on*, you've probably noticed that your apps return in alphabetical order each time, and not in any folders. Some of you may not mind (we've heard that it helps to de-clutter and holds you accountable to all the apps you have installed) — but we also understand this can be stressful to anyone who cares about specifically ordered apps and folders. 😨

That's why we developed this helpful (but optional) add-on to keep your apps in their proper order — if you choose to install it. 🙂

*We know add-on is not the most elegant solution, but it solves Apple's own bug. Until their bug is resolved, this remains the best solution to keep your apps in order. 

  1. To install the Flipd Organize add-on, open Flipd > Settings
  2. Select Keep Apps In Order 
  3. Select Install Organize, then follow the next 5 important steps:

1. Tap Install:

2. When prompted, tap DONE, not retry:

3. Return to your home screen and check that the grey icon has been added. It may look different on your device:

4. Restart your phone

5. Once you've restarted your phone, the icon will continue to appear as "Waiting..." or "Flipd Organize...". If you've followed these steps, it's ready to go.

That's it, my friend. The "Waiting..." or "FlipdOrganize..." icon won't change. Although it seems weird, this is just how it works. Your next step is to install the Full Lock Permissions and to start using the Full Lock.

Tips for using Organize:

  • After downloading, move the "Waiting..." icon to a discrete folder you don't use often so you're not bothered by it. 
  • Don't move the icon around during a Full Lock session
  • Don't delete the icon during a Full Lock session
  • You don't have to reinstall the add-on if you reinstall the Full Lock permissions
  • Due to some OS limitations, this add-on is not guaranteed to work on every device.
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