We get it — listening to music really helps you get in the zone. Read this article to find out how you can listen to your favorite jams when you're Flipd Off. 🎧🎵

Mindful Moments (iOS + Android)

If you started a Mindful Moment on your iOS or Android device follow these steps to listen to music: 

  1. Open your music app of your choice
  2. Turn on your best playlist
  3. Open Flipd and start a Mindful Moment
  4. Stay in the Flipd lock screen and close your screen
  5. If you need to switch songs, switch them from your lock screen or use up your 60-second freebie

Full Lock (iOS)

During Full Lock, your only accessible music player is Apple Music or iTunes. Simply tap Full Lock and use these apps if you want to listen to music. 

Full Lock (Android)

During Full Lock, Google Play Music is accessible on the Whitelist, but you can also follow the same instructions as the Mindful Moment to access another music player. 

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