Have you ever Flipd Off and thought it would be great if you could let people know that you're spending time away from my phone? Well, with this easy hack you can.

By enabling Apple’s Driving Mode, you can easily set up your own auto-response message that you can turn on every time you Focus Lock.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings > Select Do Not Disturb
  2. Under Do Not Disturb While Driving select Activate > Manually
  3. Go back to Do Not Disturb 
  4. Tap Auto-Reply To > All Contacts 
  5. Now select Auto-Reply — Here you can customize what your auto-reply message will say. For example, you can use “I’m currently Flipd Off, I’ll get back to you later.” 
  6. Go back to Settings to save what you’ve set up

Next, create a shortcut:

  1. In your iPhone’s Settings > tap Control Center
  2. Tap Customize Controls
  3. Under More Controls add Do Not Disturb While Driving

In action

Every time you begin a Focus Lock session, pull down your control center from the top and activate driving mode (car icon) — now all your text messages will get an automatic reply and you won’t be notified of new messages if your screen is off. 

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