If you joined a class but you're not getting a notification when it's active, don't worry. You can still use Flipd during the active class session so that your progress counts. 

Here are some reasons why your class may not appear active:

  • You didn't join the Flipd class
  • You left or accidentally exited the Flipd class 
  • You logged out of one account and logged back into a new account that's in the class
  • You manually changed the time zone on your device

If this happens, follow these steps to begin your Flipd session:

  1. From the home screen, under Mindful Moments, tap Custom
  2. Select the length of time your class is, or tap Custom to enter a specific time (eg. 45 minutes)
  3. Begin your session and stay Flipd Off until class is done.
  4. All of your progress using Flipd during class time will be saved, even if it was not from within your active class. Once you correct the issues related to your class not appearing, your progress will be synced. 
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