When you use Full Lock mode on iOS, your notifications for all third party apps are turned off and will not be automatically re-enabled after the session ends. This is an iOS limitation that we're trying our best to work around but we don't currently have a better solution.

On the bright side, that means that Full Lock helps you in more ways than one: pesky notifications are all turned off, so that you can be more aware of which notifications you choose to enable. 

I mean, for those of us that live in Do-Not-Disturb I feel like this is a blessing in disguise. 👇

Now, we do know getting certain notifications is very important — like email, messages, and Flipd notifications 😉 — so here's what we recommend:

  1. Put your must-have-notifications apps together in one location (eg. home screen or inside a folder) 
  2. As soon as your apps reappear after Full Lock mode, open these apps and allow notifications for each one by opening it up and tapping ALLOW when prompted.

We hope this is helpful! As always, reach out on the chat or at info@flipdapp.co if you have any questions or concerns.

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