If you're considering tying a reward to Flipd this semester, here are some successful ways to do it:

1. Export student data to CSV

  • In order to award points for using Flipd, it's recommended that you export this data to a CSV. 
  • From your Flipd Dashboard, open the class, select Student Data, and then Export to CSV on the top right. 

2. Award Points for Flipd Minutes out of Total Class Time

  • A popular way to award points in Flipd is to divide the total Flipd minutes the student achieved by the total class time, and apply the % to the credit that you have allocated toward Flipd. For example:

12 classes x 50 mins. = 600 mins.
450 Flipd mins. / 600 Class mins. = 0.75
0.75 x 15 Flipd points = 11.25 points

3. Set Benchmarks in "Buckets"

  • One educator who uses Flipd to reinforce positive behavior and shape habits is Dr. Alicia Drais-Parrillo, a leading psychology professor at Pennsylvania State University. She encourages her students to use Flipd each class in order to achieve a spot in a "bucket" that is worth a fixed amount of points. 
  • By using buckets, students may find it easier to reach a benchmark, and it also gives students room to use Flipd for 10 out of 12 classes and achieve still all of the points. 
  • Using the same example above, the buckets might look like:

200 - 350 minutes = 5 points
350 - 500 minutes = 10 points
500 minutes or more = 15 points

4. Tie Flipd to Attendance

  • Flipd works best when using it to track engagement as well as attendance. If you're using Flipd this way, you can do a combination of the method #2 and 3.  

Flipd Minutes: 450 mins. / 1500 class mins. = 0.3 x 10 available points = 3 points
Attendance: 25 classes / 25 classes = 1 x 10 available points = 10 points
*Total Flipd points earned = 13 out of 20*

5. Use a Leaderboard to Motivate the Class

  • If you'd rather not award points for Flipd, another way to encourage student engagement is with a healthy competition and gamifying your classroom. 
  • With Flipd, you can keep track of your classes on the in-app Leaderboard, and you can let students know who's in the top 5, 10, 20, and so on. Instead of bonus points here, you can motivate students with a winning prize or a shared goal.

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