Some of our most experienced clients have shared the techniques they use to get all of their students using Flipd, and in turn create the most value for everyone. Here are their recommendations:

1. Include Flipd in your syllabus

[Access our syllabus template here] Make sure to add Flipd into your syllabus and include:

  • how to create an account or login
  • how to apply a discount¬†
  • how to request a refund
  • how to contact Flipd support

2. Provide an incentive or "insurance policy"

[Here are 4 ways to create incentives] Instructors using Flipd often create incentives for using Flipd throughout the semester. We often see this in the form of bonus points or a percentage of their grade.

3. Make Flipd mandatory, not optional

[How to use Flipd for attendance] Our most successful instructors on the platform have made Flipd a mandatory tool for tracking attendance and engagement. Set your students up for success by letting them know how important it is to use Flipd. In classes where this is not the case, we've found that Flipd participation is not as high, and the overall experience is not as successful. 

4. Prepare your students before the first class

[Getting Started Guide for Students] A few days before your first lecture, send an email to all of your students with any important details they should know before their first class with Flipd, such as syllabus information, how to install the app, and how to join your class.

5. Talk about Flipd in your first class

In your first lecture, spend a few minutes describing Flipd and explaining what you're using it for. Use this opportunity to set the tone for the rest of semester by creating a positive, engaging classroom environment. Here are some ways our instructors have discussed Flipd with their students:

  • Don't be afraid to put your foot down. This may be the first time your students have been discouraged from using their phones while they're learning, which could be unsettling for some. Set the tone that you understand it may be a challenge, but that you know it will be a positive learning experience they will go through together.
  • Talk about professionalism in college. Explain the importance of coming to class, arriving on time, and remaining engaged during the lecture. This is an opportunity to have an important conversation with your students, and you may be the only instructor doing it.
  • Share the research. Take the time to discuss the ever-growing body of research around the myth of multitasking, digital distractions, and the impact these have on grades.

6. Reach out to your Flipd rep

If you have questions or need help with anything before getting started, our team is happy to assist you. Contact your Flipd representative at their email address or reach out to general support at 

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