If you or your department would like to purchase a number of Flipd licenses for your students, this allows them to enter Flipd without the need to pay for access themselves.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Speak with your Flipd representative about the volume-pricing options available to establish the best pricing for you.
  2. Create your classes on the Flipd dashboard. Be sure to accurately state the number of students you expect to have in your course, as this will automatically determine the number of students allowed in the Flipd class.
  3. Inform your Flipd representative when your classes are created. He or she will set your classes as free to join for the pre-determined number of students.
  4. In your syllabus, state that Flipd is a course requirement. This is the best way to ensure full participation and that your licenses are consumed.
  5. Provide students with your 5-digit course code to enter the Flipd class. When they install the app, they'll be prompted to join with this code.
  6. As students join with the course code, our system will recognize that their licences are pre-paid. This will automatically turn their accounts into premium licenses, providing full access to the Flipd experience for the length of the term.

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