What is Flipd?

Flipd is the leading social productivity app for students. With a Community Leaderboard, Daily Goals, and motivational Reminders, Flipd is a fun and easy way to help students stay focused and productive every day.

How Flipd works

Similar to a fitness tracker, Flipd is a productivity time tracker that measures an activity when the user begins a session, and it only works when the user is not also using their phone for other tasks. For example, a user cannot be tracking a 1 hour study session with Flipd and also be scrolling on Instagram at the same time. Thoughtfully designed and backed by research, Flipd helps ensure that students are spending their productive moments focused on a specific task, rather than switching between their phone and their work.

Since 2016, Flipd has been used by over 1.5 million students to track billions of minutes worth of study time, helping them manage their productivity and build a healthy routine around their course load. Flipd also works well with a group of students because its social features encourage individuals to participate and feel motivated together. Over the years our team has collected thousands of data points around how Flipd positively correlates with test scores and final grades, and we think that's a great incentive to encourage your students to use Flipd.

2020 research published in the Journal of College Student Retention conducted by Dr. Lorenz Neuwirth can be found here: Flipd App Reduces Cellular Phone Distractions in the Traditional College Classroom: Implications for Enriched Discussions and Student Retention

Features we offer for free

We offer the following features mostly free to students and educators. If you wish to obtain a premium account, please contact us using the chat bubble on the right of your screen.

🏆 Goals
Set a Daily or Weekly Goal for how long students should be studying or participating in your course.

🏁 Leaderboard
Create healthy competition among your students.

💬 Messages
Send motivational messages or post announcements to keep them engaged.

🔘 Go Live
Encourage students to participate in a "live study" session with the class, for a lecture or breakout session.

📻 Wellness Hub Audio
Give your students access to soothing audio content for studying, focusing, relaxing, meditating, sleep, and motivation.

How to Get Started

  1. If you haven't already, install the Flipd app from the iOS or Android app store
  2. Create a new account or login to an existing account
  3. Tap on the group icon to open the Community screen
  4. Select the Create a Group button
  5. Name your group (eg. Psych 100)
  6. Write a short description for your group (eg. Psych 100 study group)
  7. Once you've confirmed the group details, copy the group code to send it to your students

What happens next?

Once joined, students will have access to Flipd and any groups you've created at no cost.* We recommend encouraging your students to measure their own progress by tracking their time spent on a specific subject too. Some instructors also enjoy offering an incentive or prize to students who participate on the Leaderboard.

*Students can choose to upgrade to a premium subscription for $34.99 USD to gain access to all features, but it's not essential in order to use the app or join a class group.


Flipd is intuitively designed for students, so we're sure yours will get the hang of it quickly. If you still have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please connect with us using the chat bubble on the bottom right corner.

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