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How do you fix incorrect stats?
How do you fix incorrect stats?

Here's how to resolve problems related to missing or partial Flipd stats.

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If you used Flipd for a period of time and you noticed that your data hasn't correctly uploaded to your daily goal or other stats, here are some possible solutions:

1. Swipe the app closed from running apps and then reopen it

This will refresh the app. Swipe it closed from your running apps and then reopen Flipd to refresh it.

2. Pull the home page 'down' to refresh the page

Similar to Twitter or Instagram, pull the home page down to refresh your data. If it's still not loading correctly, try the next solution.

3. Log out and then log back in

If the first two haven't worked, you may want to try logging out of the app. Open your Profile Settings, scroll to the bottom, and tap Logout. Make sure that you log back into the same account.

4. Reinstall the app

If all of the above still haven't worked, you may want to try reinstalling the latest version of the app. This helps erase junk data that could be messing with your valid data.

5. Contact support

When all else fails, use the chat bubble on the bottom of this page to start a conversation with our support team. You can also reach us at

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