Focus Lock is designed to curb bad phone habits or reduce distractions. It blocks access to apps on your phone so that you can remain focused without distractions, or take a digital detox. Focus Lock works differently if you have an Android or iOS device, so please read carefully.

1. iOS Focus Lock

On iOS devices, Focus Lock is a standalone app available to download for free from the App Store. In order to work, Focus Lock requires that you install an MDM (Mobile Device Management) Profile and accept the permissions. Once installed, you can begin using Focus Lock mode.

To start a Focus Lock mode, you'll need the permissions installed & a good internet connection; the app will not work without either. When you're ready, select the amount of time that you'd like your 'focus' session to be. As soon as the session starts, all of your downloaded apps (eg. games, social media, etc.) will not be accessible for the duration of the session. Default iOS apps, however, such as Phone, Calculator, and Messages can still be used during this time. At the end of the scheduled length of time, your downloaded apps will reappear on your device. For example, if you select 1 hour at 12 pm, all of your downloaded apps will be inaccessible on your device until 1 pm.

iOS currently does not allow certain apps to be accessible over others. This means that any downloaded work or school apps will not be accessible during the Focus Lock session. We understand this limitation, but if you're looking for a powerful solution, then Focus Lock is exactly that.

2. Android Focus Lock

On Android devices, Focus Lock mode is built into the Flipd app. You can turn it on by tapping the 'Focus Lock' button from the home page and begin a session. You'll also need to enable the permissions when the app prompts you, in order to work correctly.

Focus Lock mode works by blocking access to all of your downloaded apps during a session, except for apps on your 'Whitelist'. You can enable and/or edit your Whitelist before beginning a Focus Lock session. If you want to access your whitelisted apps during a session, then tap on 'Whitelist' and select the app you want to open. If you try to leave Flipd to open an app not on your Whitelist, Flipd will block the action and prevent you from using the app.

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