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How do you add a friend to Flipd?
How do you add a friend to Flipd?

Adding and following your friends on Flipd is a really motivating way to stay on track.

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Flipd offers social features that can make it a lot more fun & motivating to use. You might have noticed that you can see your 'Friend Activity' at the bottom of the home page, but there are not friends added yet.

Here's how to add a friend:

  1. Open Flipd, and scroll down on the home page to Friend Activity.

  2. Tap on Share Friend Link

  3. Copy the link and send it to a friend.

  4. As soon as your friend installs Flipd from your link, you'll automatically become friends.

  5. Once your friends have joined, you can see their activity by tapping on View All from the home page.

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