If you’re teaching multiple sections of the same course, we highly recommend that you create one Flipd course for each section. This will make it easy to manage each group of students individually. If you’re teaching the same course but in a different semester, we also recommend creating a new copy of the course to keep the old section’s information intact.

For example, if you have a class that meets together for lecture once each week, and then break out into separate lab sections later that same week, students should enroll into separate Flipd codes according to their section.

Here's how to create a multi-section schedule:

  • Class 1 — Lecture, Monday 1-2 pm / Lab, Tuesday 3-4 pm
  • Class 2 — Lecture, Monday 1-2 pm / Lab, Wednesday 8-9 am
  • Class 3 — Lecture, Monday 1-2 pm / Lab, Thursday 10-11 am
  • ...and so on. 

By creating separate classes individually, each section will have its own Flipd code, which students should join according to the correct section.

In Flipd, you can title the class to include the course name + section number in order to ensure students enroll in the correct section. 

Need help with this? Talk to a member of our team at info@flipdapp.co. 

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