Home Mode is the regular system mode that is recommended for day-to-day use. Home Mode activates the regular protection expected from the Flo System, such as alarm notifications and automatic water shutoff. Except for circumstances where the inhabitants of the home will be gone for an extended period of time, or when Sleep Mode is appropriate, the system should be left in Home Mode.

Away Mode is the system mode appropriate for when the inhabitants of the home will be gone for an extended period of time. Away Mode adds additional protection to the home by learning what is normal for the home when inhabitants are not present, and in the event of a potentially dangerous condition, the system may take quicker precautionary action by shutting off the water.

Sleep Mode is a system mode that ignores all proactive and real-time tests, parameters, and quiets all alarm notifications, effectively putting the Flo System to sleep. Sleep Mode should only be used when the home is experiencing or will experience irregular water usage which may trigger an undesired alarm. For example, Sleep Mode may be used when washing a car, refilling a swimming pool, having guests over the home, all of which may cause more water than considered normal to be used and may trigger a critical alarm. Following initial installation of the Flo device, the Flo System may start in Sleep Mode to learn the home’s water habits before being set in Home Mode.

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