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Adding Accounts

Can I manually add accounts in Float?

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All the accounts shown in Float are pulled directly from the Chart of Accounts in your accounting software. At the moment It's not possible to manually add accounts directly into Float.

When Float first imports data from your accounting platform, all the individual chart of accounts with value are automatically added into the cash flow table.

Any accounts that don’t have values (empty), are stored in the 'Personalise Accounts' setting, which lives in the main cash flow tab under the Table options dropdown. This is where they can be manually added into your main cash flow table.

These 'empty' accounts can easily be added by using the 'Add account' option shown within 'Personalise Accounts' section.

Clicking this option will generate the following modal with the options for adding a new account.

If you haven't set up any groups, you can check out how to here. Once added, the account can be budgeted against in the same way as any other account.

Note: If an 'empty' account hasn't yet been added to the cash flow and value is assigned to it in the accounting platform, then the account will automatically be added and the value displayed in the cash flow on the next sync.

If you would like to remove an account find out how here

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