In Float there are 2 ways of handling a credit card.

The first is to have the credit card included in the cash flow (select the cog option on the 'Included bank accounts' panel).

In this case, all the individual transactions made on the card will be displayed.
(If you are a QuickBooks user, payments to the credit card will need to be recorded as transfers in QuickBooks, as this allows Float to net the transfer off to 0 so there is no double counting. If you are a Xero or FreeAgent user, the payments are already recorded as transfers by default).

The second option is to exclude the credit card. 

The main reason for excluding the credit card account is down to the transactions on the credit card not impacting cash, whereas the actual payment to the credit card balance is what causes the cash impact.
With the credit card excluded from the cash flow, the payments will show under the ‘bank transfers’ category in the cash flow table.

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