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Incorrect starting balance
Incorrect starting balance

My starting balance in Float is wrong - what can I do?

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If you think your starting balance is wrong, please take the following steps:

1. Match/Reconcile your transactions

Your starting balance is calculated based on the data you have reconciled/matched in your accounting software. If there are unexplained transactions in your accounting software, Float won't include these in the cash flow and this could be why your starting balance looks wrong.

2. Double check the accounts that are being included

By default all your bank accounts/credit cards will be included, so the ‘Total reconciled/matched cash’ figure will be the total of all your accounts. Open the ‘Manage bank accounts’ option and select only the accounts you want included. The starting balances of each of your accounts in Float, should exactly match the corresponding balance in your accounting software.
We don’t use the bank balance from the accounting software, instead in QuickBooks we use the ‘In QuickBooks balance’ and in Xero we use the ‘Balance in Xero’.
If these balances are different in Float, please contact support.

3. Run a sync between Float and your accounting software

We automatically import your data every 24 hours. However, if you have made changes to your data very recently, these may not have been updated in Float (depending on when the automatic import last ran).

Running a manual import should grab your latest balances. Look at the balance for each of your bank accounts and credit cards. They should match up with the corresponding ‘Balance in Xero’ or ’In QuickBooks’ balance.

If the balances do not match, please contact support.

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