In Float you can specify which bank accounts and credit cards are included in the cash flow. If an account is included, all the transactions associated with that account will also be included. So if there are accounts you don't want to see, we've got you covered.

On the right side of the cash flow page (above the main cash flow graph) you will see an 'Included bank accounts' panel which contains a cog.

Clicking the cog option shown below will bring up the following modal.

From here you can select which bank accounts and credit cards you would like to include in the cash flow and also view any archived accounts that may have been imported.

Once you hit save, the cash flow will automatically be recalculated based on the selected accounts. It's important to mention that when an account is excluded any transactions related to that account will also be removed from the cash flow.

If you're wondering how to handle your credit cards we explain a couple of options here.

Note: As the bank accounts and credit cards are pulled directly from your accounting platform it's not possible to alter the name or balance of these manually in Float.

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