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The first thing you will be asked to do is authorise a connection between your accounting platform and Float. The purpose of this connection is to allow Float to stay up to date with changes made in your accounting platform, that way you don’t need to authorise a new connection each time you want to import updated data.

The steps to authorise this are very straight forward and you will be taken through these when you first create your Float account. Once you have authorised the connection be sure to select the company you want to import the data for. If you have multiple companies, make sure you are importing the correct company before moving to the actual import.

The data imported during this initial import will be the actual data from the previous 3 months along with the actuals for the current and future months. The initial import duration can vary depending on how much data is being imported to Float, however if you’re unsure about your import, just drop us a message via the chat icon, or email

You can check out exactly what we import from Xero and from QuickBooks Online.

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