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How to add the Xero demo company to your Float account
How to add the Xero demo company to your Float account

How does the Xero demo company work in Float

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You can use the Xero demo company to get an understanding of how Float works without using real data.


For Accountants & Bookkeepers:

1. Log into Xero and go to your client list in Xero HQ via Practice > Overview 

2. Click on the Demo Company panel to add it as an available company

3. If you want some reconciled data in your Float demo account, do some reconciliation on the demo company

4. Log into Float and either go to your free practice licence and click "Add my free licence"

5. Or click "Add new client"

6. Choose Xero 

7. Choose Xero Demo Company from the client dropdown and you're all set!


For Businesses:

  1. Log in to Xero and click on your company name at the top right, and you'll see the Demo Company available.

Or, if you're just starting a new Xero free trial, you'll see this link at the bottom of the page:

3. Now go and reconcile some transactions in your Demo Company:

4. Now go to Float ( ) and sign up for a Xero free trial. If you already have an account, skip to step 5.

 5. If you already have a Float trial or paid account, just log into Float and click "add a company" and then choose Xero

6. On the Xero authorisation page, you're asked to select which organisation Float can access: Use the dropdown to find the Demo Company.


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