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Batch actions for invoice and bills
Batch actions for invoice and bills
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If you have a large number of invoices or bills it can be time consuming to adjust each individually. To help with this we have a number of options in Float to adjust invoices in bulk, using the check boxes and 'Batch actions' from the 'Invoices Due' and 'Bills to Pay' sections.

The 3 batch actions are:

Include in cash flow - include any selected invoices/bills currently excluded from the cash flow

Exclude from cash flow - exclude any selected invoices/bills from the cash flow

Set expected date - add/update the expected payment date of any selected invoices/bills

To select all invoices from one client, just search for the client name in the search bar, and then select all using the select all checkbox:

You can also include, exclude or set expected dates on individual invoices/bills too.

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