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Batch include/exclude invoices and bills
Batch include/exclude invoices and bills

Include/exclude multiple invoices or bills using a batch action

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Batch action allows you to select a number of invoices or bills and include these in the cash flow in one go, without having to manually include each invoice/bill individually.

First of all, go to the 'Invoices Due' or 'Bills to Pay section' depending on whether you are looking for invoices or bills.

Next, select the invoices you would like to include in the cash flow using the check boxes shown to the left of each invoice. Note, only invoices that are currently excluded will be affected by the include option. If you can't find the excluded invoices/bills click here.

Now using the 'Batch actions' shown at the top left of the table you can choose to 'Include in cash flow' which will set the selected invoices from excluded to included.

If you would like to exclude a number of invoices/bills in one go you can follow the same process by selecting the relevant invoices/bills and choosing 'Exclude from cash flow' from the 'Batch actions'.

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