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Weekly budgeting
Weekly budgeting

Add and edit weekly budgets

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Weekly budgeting

While the main cash flow table within Float is on a monthly basis, it is possible to enter budgets on a weekly basis.

To get started, click into the account where the budget should be added followed by selecting ‘Create budget’ from the modal that is displayed.

In the budget occurs field you will be able to choose every week as an option, meaning that whatever budget value you enter will be shown occurring each week in the cash flow. If you want the budget to start from a certain week in the month, use the start date field to specify this.

Once you save the weekly budget, you will see something similar to the below.

Here you can see the weekly budgets impacting the cash flow, with the same weekly amount each week.

But what if you wanted to enter a budget where some weeks differed?

Using the budget we’ve just created as an example, click into any of the weekly budget entries that show in the modal and you will see the below screen.

Here you see every instance of the weekly budget that exists in the cash flow along with the associated dates and amount. Both the date field and amount field can be edited from here, so if the amount each week were not consistent you can change that by clicking into the amount field and adjusting, similar to below.

As you can see, the weekly amounts then change in the cash flow so you can edit these as much or as little as needed.

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